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Select and compare investment funds from Vanguard and other fund families.
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Investment assumptions Calculation methodology

Initial investment amount
Anticipated annual return
% %
Holding period (years)

Additional investment amount $
Time period

Management fee {{if !useMer}}   {{/if}} {{if costResults.fundList[0]}}{{percent getDetailDataPoint(0,"managementFee")}}{{/if}} {{if costResults.fundList[1]}}{{percent getDetailDataPoint(1,"managementFee")}}{{/if}} {{if costResults.fundList[2]}}{{percent getDetailDataPoint(2,"managementFee")}}{{/if}} {{if costResults.fundList[3]}}{{percent getDetailDataPoint(3,"managementFee")}}{{/if}}
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Bid/ask spread
Advisor fee
Initial purchase fee
Transaction fee

Simulate costs

  1. Discover the difference that low costs can make over the length of the investment.
  2. Customize initial investment amounts, anticipated annual returns and holding periods.
  3. Analyze the cost difference between ETFs and mutual funds.
Projected value {{if costResults.fundList[0]}}{{= scaleCurrencyFormat(getFundCosts(FundCosts.FINAL_INV_AMT.Code,0))}}{{/if}} {{if costResults.fundList[1]}}{{= scaleCurrencyFormat(getFundCosts(FundCosts.FINAL_INV_AMT.Code,1))}}{{/if}} {{if costResults.fundList[2]}}{{= scaleCurrencyFormat(getFundCosts(FundCosts.FINAL_INV_AMT.Code,2))}}{{/if}} {{if costResults.fundList[3]}}{{= scaleCurrencyFormat(getFundCosts(FundCosts.FINAL_INV_AMT.Code,3))}}{{/if}}
Total cost {{if costResults.fundList[0]}}{{if checkCostAdvantage(getFundCosts(FundCosts.TOTAL_COSTS.Code,0))}} {{/if}}{{= scaleCurrencyFormat(getFundCosts(FundCosts.TOTAL_COSTS.Code,0))}}{{/if}} {{if costResults.fundList[1]}}{{if checkCostAdvantage(getFundCosts(FundCosts.TOTAL_COSTS.Code,1))}} {{/if}}{{= scaleCurrencyFormat(getFundCosts(FundCosts.TOTAL_COSTS.Code,1))}}{{/if}} {{if costResults.fundList[2]}}{{if checkCostAdvantage(getFundCosts(FundCosts.TOTAL_COSTS.Code,2))}} {{/if}}{{= scaleCurrencyFormat(getFundCosts(FundCosts.TOTAL_COSTS.Code,2))}}{{/if}} {{if costResults.fundList[3]}}{{if checkCostAdvantage(getFundCosts(FundCosts.TOTAL_COSTS.Code,3))}} {{/if}}{{= scaleCurrencyFormat(getFundCosts(FundCosts.TOTAL_COSTS.Code,3))}}{{/if}}
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The cost simulation tool is intended for estimation purposes only and is based on certain assumptions you selected. The results are time-weighted and the future value calculation assumes that the anticipated rate of return and expenses remain the same in each year over the time period. Differences may occur due to rounding. Actual results may vary—upward or downward—from those displayed.


Results will vary based on criteria selected.

The final value of an investment is based on an annual rate of return, bid/ask spread and fees that you enter. Any opportunity for a reduction in sales loads, ETF commissions, bid/ask spreads or other fees must be taken into account by you when selecting the relevant criteria.

The final value is hypothetical and doesn’t represent the actual future value of any particular investment fund or returns of any particular investment fund.

MER data provided by Morningstar may reflect fee waivers or expense reimbursements. If waived or reimbursed amounts were factored into calculating the fund’s projected value, future values would be lower. For more complete information about fees and expenses, see the fee table in the fund’s prospectus.

Cost is only one factor to consider. There may be significant differences between the investment funds, even those within the same Morningstar category, that are not discussed here, including different objectives and risk factors.

There are material differences between mutual funds and ETFs. Unlike mutual funds, ETFs are priced continuously and bought and sold throughout the day in the secondary market (at a premium or discount to NAV) which entails paying additional costs, such as commissions and bid/ask spreads.